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What if you could unlock the power of AI to outperform your competitors, without risking the security of your data or documents? With AI Risk, you can easily pose complex questions and get instant, accurate answers securely within your internal cloud. That's not all, we ensure seamless SEC compliance for financial firms utilizing AI and other analytics.

Elevate your operations, exceed expectations, and stay ahead of the curve with AIR-GPT. 


Leading AI Safety, Security,
and Compliance

Patent-Pending AIR-GPT 

Get a demo of our premium software, or get started with free tools.

Protect Yourself & Your Organization
Solve LLM Cybersecurity with our Private Cloud Deployment of AIR-GPT 

What are the risks? 


  • Revealing company or customer confidential information.

  • Generating the wrong answer from AI because it does not have access to your data.

  • Failing to comply with AI regulations.


In addition, AIR-GPT includes AI regulatory compliance solutions for financial services and other regulated industries. We keep up with the latest rule changes and engage with global regulators, so you can stay compliant. 

AI Risk Has The Solution​


Large language models are the new electricity for a “workspace” filled with your tools, machines and equipment. Using AI statistically increases the productivity of employees by 30% and shortens project time while improving results, whether for software or marketing campaigns. Are you using a spoon or an excavator to dig a foundation? If you are not, your competitors are using AI, and they will beat you at your own game. AI Risk offers a new category of software called AI GRCC, or AI governance, risk, compliance, and cybersecurity. ​​

Blocking Chat GPT?​

Providing secure LLM access for your whole team at a low cost so they don’t do it on their phones.​

Need to Learn AI?​

AI agents to help everyone on your team learn and gain efficiency with AI.​

Data Leaking?​

Safeguarding your confidential and personally identifiable information.​

No AI Cybersecurity?​

Building in AI cybersecurity, and a 24/7 dashboard for your cybersecurity team.​

Let AI Risk Help You Stay Compliant

The Clock Is Now Ticking to Comply


AI Risk software facilitates compliance with AI regulations around the world. The SEC Predictive Analytics Rule proposed in 2023 should be finalized in 2024. It will require model testing and recording of the results, as well as recording all internal and external chatbot conversations and metadata. 

With AIR-GPT, you will:

1) Comply with SEC rules​

2) Gain immutable compliance records​

3) Integrate with 3rd party tools.

SEC_rule (1).png
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